Primary Care Services

At Attuned Care, our goal is to support the health and well-being of seniors, whether they reside in an assisted or independent-living community. We work to augment and support existing primary-care clinicians with our advanced-care planning and palliative-care providers. We can also serve as the geriatric primary-care provider ourselves.

Our primary care clinicians work within an integrated care team to provide a continuum of care services that are well-coordinated to assure excellent communication, care coordination, and effective health services to respond to the wishes of our clients and their loved ones.

Our primary care services include:
  • Advanced clinical support for existing primary care physicians (PCPs)
  • Geriatric primary-care services
  • Chronic disease management for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and others
  • Advanced care planning to establish your wishes for future care
  • Acute care evaluation and treatment
  • Transitional care management (supporting transitions to/from hospital or skilled nursing settings)
  • Behavioral health assessments and services

We tune in, effectively partnering with community providers and staff and putting residents’ needs first. That means results that support healthier, happier clients and families.

“Attuned Care not only offers therapy and supplement nursing support with the convenience of on-site services, but they have also embraced Pathway Senior Living’s VIVA! culture. Our residents see them as an extension of our wellness team. Attuned Care is dedicated to accommodating and adapting their schedules to ensure all our residents’ needs are met while continuing to provide excellent quality services.”

~Helen Brown, VIVA!Plus Director, Pathway Senior Living

Advanced Clinical Support

Attuned Care’s nurse practitioners make coordinated care between residence facilities and individual resident’s primary care physicians (PCPs) a seamless and accessible reality for all involved. Here are some of the ways we make this possible:

Our nurse practitioners…

  • serve as a continuous clinical resource for all residents
  • are readily accessible to community staff and care teams while providing active communication to residents’ PCPs
  • are responsible for supporting plans established by residents’ PCPs and making recommendations for any care plan changes (to be ordered by PCPs)
  • can write/sign orders and prescriptions (pending additional MD review and approval for home health and hospice)

Attuned Care nurse practitioners all have experience in geriatric care management and coordination of care in supportive living communities. They are committed to:

  • significant onsite accessibility for acute triage and intervention
  • focus on chronic disease management, routine acute needs, and rapid triage of urgent issues
  • management across all care settings
  • an intentional, goal-oriented, team-based approach to care

Pain and Symptom Consultations (Palliative Care)

Many residents can benefit from our expert palliative care consultations to improve management of pain and other symptoms. Attuned palliative-care clinicians perform assessments to understand each resident’s goals and current well-being and make creative and evidence-based recommendations that can greatly enhance quality of life.

Many people associate palliative care with terminal illness or end-of-life care.  However, every patient, at any stage of illness, can benefit from optimizing care through a deep understanding of their care needs, their wishes for care, and their goals. We spend time listening and getting to know you to achieve this.


Palliative care is about enhancing the comfort and quality of your daily experience and knowing that you are a full partner in the decision-making process.


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