Medication Management, On Your Terms

Attuned Care Medication Management is provided by Medication Management Partners

When it comes to managing medications, it’s all about quality and accuracy. Thanks to our laser focus on senior living and group home providers, our dedicated attention in this space allows us to create a medication management process that is simple and scalable.

We can support operators of any size, from independent standalone facilities to large organizations with multi-state locations, in the areas of:

  • Assisted living
  • Supportive living
  • Memory care
  • Group homes
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs)

Our mission is to align our strategic solutions with residential communities’ culture and holistic objectives to co-create the desired resident experience.

Residential communities are different than institutional care. You deserve a customized medication solution.

Attuned Care medication management services have built in flexibility so you can implement the care regimen that works best for you.

  • Increase resident safety
  • Improve workflow
  • Boost staff efficiency
  • Improve medication compliance
  • Decrease liability
  • Enhance overall quality of care

Accuracy and Reliability

Setting weekly medications can be time consuming, tedious, and subject to human error. We can help.

The RIGHT People

  • A licensed pharmacist reviews all prescriptions to make sure the dosages and medicines are correct. They also inspect all orders for contraindications, interactions, duplications, toxicity, and other safety issues.
  • We provide mediation consultations.

The RIGHT Process

  • Attuned Care pharmacists combine their clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology specifically designed for dispensing and packaging medications for use in congregate residential care settings.
  • We make reliable multi-dose dispensing, custom packaging, and electronic inspection possible for additional accuracy. We even have customizable contingency plans for off hours.
  • We seamlessly interface with facilities’ electronic medical records and electronic health records.

The RIGHT Packaging: M+Pak

  • Attuned Care prescription order may be filled on 7-day, 14-day, 28-day, or monthly cycles.
  • Medication orders arrive in specialty M+Pak packaging that is segmented for each resident and clearly labeled with:
    • resident’s name
    • name and strength of the medicine
    • date and time medication is to be taken
    • description of the medication
  • Our unique packaging system promotes accuracy and compliance, reduces errors, and saves staff time while improving quality of care
  • We have flexible packaging alternatives to meet your needs.

In addition to accurately fulfilling prescriptions, Attuned Care extends our commitment to you by:

  • Proactively collaborating with clients to create efficient systems
  • Coordinating and pursuing appropriate insurance authorizing forms
  • Handling prescription refills on behalf of residents
  • Identifying possible drug interactions
  • Holistically reviewing medications for interactions and contraindications
  • Ensuring that the most effective drug is being used
  • Eliminating (with physician approval) unnecessary medications
  • Offering client custom reporting and real-time access to medical records
  • Providing staff, resident, and family education, training, and consultation
  • Assistance with coordination of benefits

Medication Management By the Numbers

  • 99.7% accuracy rate
  • 91%+ generic utilization
  • We lead LTC pharmacy peers in CM star rating measurements
  • 95%+ partner retention over 7 years
  • 24/7 access and support
  • 85%+ resident participation
  • ~5,000 residents supported across 80 communities in 7 states

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