We support senior-living communities in optimizing health outcomes. Attuned Care’s health education and wellness services help our clients and the patients or residents they serve to experience greater wellness, autonomy, and comfort. Take a look at how Attuned Care’s outcomes compare to the national average of home health care providers:

Community Wellness Services

  • Patient & Family Education

    Attuned Care offers educational programs, workshops, and support groups for residents and families.

  • Health Monitoring

    Our clinical staff offers regular wellness clinics to allow residents to monitor and track key vital signs.

  • Fitness Classes

    Skilled therapists help residents maintain strength, flexibility, and balance with engaging exercise classes, including our ever-popular balance and “six-pack-ab attack” workouts.

  • Fall Prevention

    We take a proactive approach to decreasing falls with proven tips and practical lifestyle adjustments.

  • Dietary Consultation

    Our registered dietician provides condition- and disease-specific dietary recommendations and education.