Care Coordination

At Attuned Care, we build integrated care teams that are tailored to the unique needs of senior-living populations. We support residents in meeting their care goals and we do so with innovation, heart, and know-how.

Coordinated Care for Senior Living
Coordinated care means we support resident-informed decision making and self-determination. Our holistic team approach empowers individuals while simplifying a broad system of care into a one-on-one model that makes the distance from request to support to solution more direct than ever before.
Attuned Care shortens the distance from request to solution.
Residents build relationships with a personal Nurse Coordinator who helps them navigate the healthcare system and all of their options. This means ease and accessibility for the individual and less reliance on family members or other staff for facilitation and support.
For residents, Attuned Care Nurse Coordinators…

  • Facilitate communication across providers (PCP, SLF, home health, therapy, hospice, specialists, etc.)
  • Facilitate communication between residents and providers
  • Advocate for the resident in case of extraordinary delivery challenges (i.e., with specialists, transportation, etc.)

For facilities, Attuned Care Nurse Coordinators…

  • Serve as an extra set of eyes and ears on the resident population (i.e., wellness monitoring, need identification, etc.)
  • Provide additional clinical resources to address needs in the community
  • Alleviate demand on the nursing office too access/coordinate care
  • Alleviate demand on the nursing office by serving as an alternative resource for residents to talk to and make requests of
  • Advocate for the facility in case of extraordinary delivery challenges and general system failures (i.e., with billing, transportation, etc.)

Weekly Care Team Meetings

Weekly care team meetings provide a forum for all members of the care team to:

  • Coordinate care
  • Identify risks
  • Develop proactive plans to avoid acute events
  • Collaborate on creative solutions to support resident needs

Led by an Attuned Care facilitator, weekly care team meetings save the residential teams time and energy by eliminating countless ad hoc interactions and requests.  Care team meetings also support improved productivity and better outcomes through interdisciplinary discussion leading to optimized solutions for each resident and the community population overall.

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