At Attuned Care, our goal is to support the health and well-being of seniors, whether they reside in an assisted or independent-living community. We work to augment and support existing primary-care clinicians with our advanced-care planning and palliative-care providers. We can also serve as the geriatric primary-care provider ourselves.

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Coming home from the hospital or rehab center can be a welcome relief, but the transition isn’t always an easy one. Attuned Care provides the necessary medical support our clients need and the strength and confidence necessary for a full recovery.

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Coordinated care means we support resident-informed decision making and self-determination. Our holistic team approach empowers individuals while simplifying a broad system of care into a one-on-one model that makes the distance from request to support to solution more direct than ever before.

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Great hospice care successfully tunes into an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Bringing holistic harmony to this end-of-life time involves dedication, caring, and compassion, and our experienced Attuned Care hospice team brings all this and more to individuals and families who are taking this next step in their journey.

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For families who require extra attention and additional home care on an hourly or live-in basis, we offer a special add-on service. Is our Customized Care the right fit for your family? Click through to learn more.

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When you’re dealing with multiple prescriptions and prescribers, various insurance criteria, and staying on top of refills, a clear, concise, and accessible path to medication oversight becomes a necessity. That’s why many residential-care communities choose Attuned Care to consolidate their pharmacy services and manage the complexity and nuances of medication management for their residents.

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We support senior communities in optimizing health outcomes. Attuned Care’s health education and wellness services help our clients and the patients or residents they serve to experience greater wellness, autonomy, and comfort.

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Here at Attuned Care, each of us comes with more than just a wealth of experience working with senior communities. At the heart of our work are our personal stories of connection, commitment, and compassion. We are dedicated to helping seniors and their families find comfort and support because we’ve been through similar circumstances ourselves. We know how important it is to feel understood, respected, and fully supported while navigating the nuances of senior living, and we are here to make these needs a reality for those we work with. This is why we do what we do.

"Care Coordinators are a link between the healthcare world and the patient."

Attuned Care RN Coordinator, Nancy Beck talks about being a helping hand and advocate for patients. She and her team members provide a continuity of care wherever it’s needed.



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